Table 1.

Laboratory characteristics of patients with macrophage activation system in a setting of sJIA/AOSD during acute and recovery phase of illness. Normal ranges in parentheses.

CharacteristicPatient 1Patient 2Patient 3
Ferritin (10–280 ng/ml)
  Acute MAS> 50006,12912,558
C3 (79–152 mg/dl)
  Acute MAS437420
C4 (16–38 IU/l)
  Acute MAS< 10< 5< 5
AST (10–40 IU/l)
  Acute MAS7670208
International normalized ratio (0.8–1.2)
  Acute MAS1.21.61.3
White blood cell count (4.5–14.5 × 109/l)
  Acute MAS2434.613.5
Platelets (156–369 × 109/l)
  Acute MAS1675–80 (range)43
CRP (0–0.74 mg/dl)
  Acute MAS4518.7231.2
  • sJIA: systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis; AOSD: adult-onset Still’s disease.