Table 2.

Immunohistochemistry of inflammatory cell infiltrates surrounding small vessels in isolated temporal small-vessel inflammation (TSVI), small vessels surrounding a positive temporal artery (GCA SV), and intramural regions within a positive temporal artery. Surface marker expression was measured by a semiquantitative scale and reported as relative intensity: 0 = no infiltration; +1 = 1%–10% inflammatory cells; +2 = 11%–50% inflammatory cells; and +3 ≥ 50% inflammatory cells. Data represent the mean of 7 specimens (4 isolated TSVI and 3 GCA).

LocationRelative Intensity
CD68 MacrophagesCD3 T CellsCD20 B CellsLCAT:B cell Ratio
Isolated TSVI+0.75+2.33+1.75+3.001.33*
GCA SV+0.66+2.66+1.66+3.001.60*
GCA ADV+2.00+3.00+1.66+3.001.81
GCA IEL+2.00+2.30+1.00+2.302.30
SV + ADV + IEL (GCA composite)+1.55+2.65+1.44+2.771.90
  • * p < 0.05 for isolated TSVI and GCA SV compared to GCA IEL. GCA: giant cell arteritis; SV: small vessels (surrounding involved temporal artery); ADV: adventitia; IEL: internal elastic lamina; LCA: leukocyte common antigen.