Table 1.

Description of instruments.

InstrumentFull TitleMajor Features
AIMS-2Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 245 items covering 9 domains: mobility, physical activity, dexterity, household activities, activities of daily living, anxiety, depression, social activity, pain
BRAF-MDQBristol RA Fatigue Multidimensional Questionnaire20 items covering 4 domains: physical fatigue, living with fatigue, cognition fatigue, emotional fatigue
MACTARMcMaster Toronto Arthritis Patient Preference Disability QuestionnaireFunctional index, including change in 5 impaired activities selected by each patient in a baseline interview
PI-HAQPersonal Impact Health Assessment QuestionnaireMeasures individual values for 20 activities of daily living in the HAQ, to provide impact scores of disability
RAIDRA Impact of Disease scoreComposite of 7 numerical rating scales (pain, functional capacity, fatigue, physical and emotional well-being, quality of sleep, coping)
RAPP-PIRA Patient Priorities in Pharmaceutical InterventionsSet of 8 priorities (pain, activities of daily living, joint damage, mobility, life enjoyment, independence, fatigue, and valued activities)
RASERA Self-Efficacy questionnaire28 items measuring beliefs in the ability to use specific types of self-management for specific purposes
SEIQOLSchedule for the Evaluation of Individual Quality of LifeInterview-based questionnaire, eliciting 5 areas most important in determining quality of life and assessing satisfaction in each