Table 3.

Study types and demographic data.

Study Type% (n)Mean No. of Patients with BDWomen, %Mean Age, Yrs, of Patients with BD
Clinical, descriptive18.9 (53)174.443.736.6
Clinical, hypothesis-testing6.8 (19)59.438.435.1
Pure epidemiology1.1 (3)2.3/5708.6*61.838.4
Epidemiology, other3.2 (9)144.242.437.3
Controlled drug trial2.1 (6)60.237.431.3
Drug use, other11.8 (33)19.741.733
Mainly laboratory34.3 (96)37.641.636
Genetic association16.8 (47)10043.439.2
Animal studies1.4 (4)147NANA
Other3.6 (10)81.133.737.4
Total100 (280)79.041.736.2
  • * Mean number of patients with BD identified/mean number of population surveyed. BD: Behçet’s disease; NA: not applicable.