Table 3.

Comparison of the clinical abnormalities apparent prior to cardiopulmonary exercise testing/right-heart catheterization (CPET/RHC) with data obtained from CPET/RHC and etiology of exercise limitation as determined by combined CPET/RHC analysis.

PatientIndication for CPET/RHCDLCO, %HRR, bpmVO2max, %AT, %VE/VCO2 at ATValue at Peak Exercise
SpO2, %O2 Pulse, %BR, %P(A-a)O2, mm HgPAm/PCWP, mm HgExercise Limitation: CPET/RHC
1O2 desaturation46−9685632.590622711.9NormalDeconditioning
2O2 desaturation63−3735238.096low1010.645/25LV dysfunction
3O2 desaturation P254−12533942.093552145.329/1Pulmonary vascular
4Abnormal echo P23420181162.09618221.022/9Cardiovascular
5Abnormal echo P24018473631.09466236.038/19Ventilatory
6Abnormal echo P24612543440.09360318.035/15Pulmonary vascular
7O2 desaturation Abnormal echo59−6522847.098722515.821/7Deconditioning
8O2 desaturation596614234.097712829.835/18LV dysfunction
9O2 desaturation1831321949.089503362.034/10Pulmonary vascular
10O2 desaturation564434437.09855284.018/4Deconditioning
11O2 desaturation, presyncope52−14492849.0986653.525/NAVentilatory
12P2, abnormal echo5524332338.0944542NA28/12Deconditioning
13Progressive DOE911755726.098843216.420/8Deconditioning
14Progressive DOE, abnormal echo760443342.097low023.033/12Ventilatory
15Progressive DOE, O2 desaturation, P23732542556.09673748.029/6Ventilatory
16Progressive DOE55−26915839.09682535.140/11Ventilatory
17Progressive DOE, O2 desaturation54−11816031.096781936.039/22LV dysfunction
18Progressive DOE69−7563637.098566726.034/22LV dysfunction
19Progressive DOE, P26918453241.09867150.022/NAVentilatory
  • O2 desaturation: exercise pulse oximetry decrease > 4 %; DOE: dyspnea on exertion; DLCO: diffusion capacity of lung for carbon monoxide; P2: abnormal 2nd heart sound on examination; abnormal echo: echocardiogram pulmonary pressure > 40 mm Hg; VO2max%: % maximum predicted oxygen consumption; AT%: % anaerobic threshold; SpO2: oxygen saturation at peak exercise during CPET; BR: breathing reserve; P(A-a)O2: alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient at peak exercise; VE/VCO2: ventilatory equivalent for CO2 at anaerobic threshold; PAm/PCWP: mean pulmonary arterial pressure and pulmonary capillary wedge pressure at peak exercise; exercise limitation: final assessment of findings from combined CPET/RHC; NA: value not available; if value is unavailable, available interpretation of data may be included in place of value.