Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of study subjects (n = 19).

Age, mean ± SD, yrs51.3 ± 13.5
BMI, mean ± SD, kg/m225.1 ± 3.6
Reasons for CPET/RHC referral (some subjects had > 1 reason for referral)
  Dyspnea on exertion19
  Exertional oxygen desaturation10
  Abnormal P2 heart sound7
  Abnormal echocardiography: estimated PASP ≥ 40mm Hg6
  DLCO deemed out of proportion to ILD6
New York Heart Association class
Other medical history
  Coronary artery disease1
Chest radiograph
  Abnormal parenchyma3
  Abnormal cardiac silhouette2
Computed tomography scan thorax
  Interstitial abnormalities15
Left ventricular ejection fraction
  Normal (≥ 50%)16
  Abnormal (< 50%)1
Echocardiogram estimated pulmonary artery systolic pressure
  Normal (< 40 mm Hg)10
  Abnormal (≥ 40 mm Hg)6
  • BMI: body mass index; CPET/RHC: cardiopulmonary exercise testing with right-heart catheterization; ILD: interstitial lung disease.