Table 3.

Reported factors affecting the choice of a career in rheumatology, according to level of medical training. Numbers represent the percentage of total survey respondents who considered that factor either very important or extremely important.

All Medical Students1st/2nd year Medical Students3rd/4th year Medical StudentsInternal Medicine ResidentsRheumatology FellowsRheumatologists
Family life, 84.1Family life, 87.5Family life, 83.2Flexibility, 91.2Call schedule, 100Ambulatory, 82.1
Academic, 79.3
Flexibility, 83.3Make a difference, 87.5Flexibility, 82.1Call schedule, 91.2Whole patient, 100Job availability, 78.3
Make a difference, 82.0Flexibility, 86.8Hours, 81.1Hours, 88.2Family life, 100Chronic illness, 78.3
Hours, 81.2Hours, 83.3Call schedule, 77.9Family life, 88.2New therapies, 100Interdisciplinary teams, 78.3
Call schedule, 74.1Job security, 76.4Make a difference, 77.9Make a difference, 70.6Focused and narrow, 78.3