Table 2.

Frequency of clinical and paraclinical data in gout patients included in ACRp6 and this study.

CharacteristicACRp, n = 178 (%)CGD Proposal, n = 549 (%)
Age, mean, yrs56.250 ± 14
Duration of disease, mean, yrs10.112 ± 10
> 1 attack of acute arthritis*86.590
Mono or oligoarthritis*71.974
Rapid onset of pain and swelling*85.174
Suspected tophus*19.552
Tarsitis (unilateral)*21.133
Negative synovial fluid culture95.9§4
Asymmetric swelling41.958
Subcortical cysts, no erosion11.950
  • * These correspond to the 8 criteria of the chronic gout diagnosis (CGD) proposal.

  • Patients with gout included in ACRp, n = 178; clinical data were not available from all; negative synovial fluid was observed in only 49 patients.