Table 3.

Comparison of glucose metabolism by HCQ and disease status, by mean value adjusted for age, disease duration, waist circumference, prednisone dose, CRP, menopausal status, and NSAID; plus (a) immunosuppressants and SLEDAI for women with SLE, or (b) nonbiologic DMARD (excluding HCQ) and TNF inhibitors for women with RA.

Metabolism Factors+ HCQ− HCQp
Fasting glucose, mg/dl
  Women with SLE85.989.30.04
  Women with RA82.586.60.051
  Women with SLE2.532.640.18
  Women with RA2.442.360.37
  Women with SLE5.405.370.78
  Women with RA5.465.200.06
  Women with SLE0.971.120.09
  Women with RA0.840.810.70
  • HCQ: hydroxychloroquine; SLE: systemic lupus erythematosus; RA: rheumatoid arthritis; HOMA-B: homeostasis model assessment - ß cell; HOMA-IR: homeostasis model assessment-insulin; CRP: C-reactive protein; NSAID: nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug; SLEDAI: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index; DMARD: disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; TNF: tumor necrosis factor.