Table 3.

Risk of overall death among patients with RA, according to known predictors and mannose-binding lectin. Univariate Cox proportional-hazards regression analysis.

VariablesNHR95% CIp
Duration of disease (decade)2291.31.1–1.50.004
Erosive disease2291.61.0–2.80.07
HAQ score2241.51.1–2.10.007
Extraarticular manifestations2192.21.3–3.70.003
IgM RF-positive2242.11.1–3.90.03
CRP > 100 mg/dl2212.21.3–3.60.002
Nutrition below normal2162.61.5–4.4< 0.001
Nutrition above normal2160.90.5–1.50.61
MTX treatment2290.60.3–0.90.02
Anti-TNF-α drugs2290.20.1–0.60.004
MBL2 genotype A/A*2291.71.1–2.80.02
MBL2 genotype YA/YA**2151.40.9–2.20.143
Serum MBL2091.21.0–1.30.02
  • * Comparing MBL2 genotype A/A with A/O + O/O.

  • ** Comparing MBL2 genotype YA/YA with YA/XA + XA/XA + YA/O+ XA/O + O/O. HR: hazard ratio; HAQ: Health Assessment Questionnaire; RF: rheumatoid factor; CRP: C-reactive protein; HLA: human leukocyte antigen; MBL: mannose-binding lectin; MTX: methotrexate; TNF-α: tumor necrosis factor-α.