Table 3

EQ-5D score differences (∆EQ-5D) between the general population and RA patients [(norm)–(patients)] (n = 2912). Values are mean (standard deviation). EQ-5D norm values used in the calculation of the ∆EQ-5D may differ from the norm values observed in Table 2A and 2B because of the different age distribution in the norm and patient sample. This may lead to slightly different ΔEQ-5D values than could be expected from Table 2A and 2B.

Remission7740.05 (0.13)*4380.01 (0.12) NS3280.06 (0.12)*2180.02 (0.11)*
Low4180.12 (0.13)*9240.11 (0.13)*1170.13 (0.13)*3030.14 (0.11)*
Moderate8140.18 (0.15)*5780.20 (0.16)*2290.20 (0.17)*1410.23 (0.18)*
High1770.38 (0.23)*2430.33 (0.22)*550.28 (0.17)*670.26 (0.18)*
  • * Significant differences (one sample t test) between the general population and RA patients.