Table 4.

Logistic regression analysis of early axial ankylosis.

Characteristicß EstimateSEp95% CI
Estimate in patients with AS*
  Absence of peripheral arthritis1.160.420.0070.13–0.72
  Hip involvement−0.340.380.370.33–1.50
  Constant−1.470.27< 0.0001
In men with AS**
  Absence of peripheral arthritis1.010.530.050.12–0.90
  Hip involvement−0.200.470.960.38–0.50
In women with AS***
  Absence of peripheral arthritis1.420.760.050.05–1.02
  Hip involvement−0.910.700.190.10–1.58
  Constant−1.940.40< 0.0001
  • * Overall predictive value is 77.4%.

  • ** Overall predictive value is 71.4%.

  • *** Overall predictive value is 84.4%.