Table 2.

Prevalence of anti-Th/To and other SSc-related autoantibodies in different ethnic groups. Anti-Th/To antibodies were detected by RNA-immunoprecipitation in all the studies shown in the table.

Kipnis 199024Okano 199010Jacobsen 200121Kuwana 200217Meyer 200718Meyer 200718Hamaguchi 200825Ceribelli 2010
RaceNANACaucasianJapaneseCaucasian 91%Caucasian 92%JapaneseCaucasian
CountryUSA (New Haven)USA (Pittsburgh 1984–8)DenmarkJapanFranceUSA (Pittsburgh 1986–8)JapanItaly
Autoantibody, %
  Topo I18133035223338
  U3RNP (fibrillarin)74.62220*
  • * Only sera without ACA, topoisomerase I, or RNAPIII were tested for anti-Th/To and U3RNP. NA: not available.