Table 2.

Comparison of variables between gouty patients with and those without nephrolithiasis on CT examination.

VariablesPatients with Nephrolithiasis on CT, n = 103Patients without Nephrolithiasis on CT, n = 280pp, adjusted for age
Age, yrs49.4612.2046.7612.360.058
Body mass index24.813.1125.073.460.5010.800
SUA, mg/dl8.841.218.481.170.0080.002*
SCr, mg/dl0.960.180.950.180.5770.894
CCr, ml/min/1.73m296.3324.2599.5621.980.2160.730
Cua, ml/min/1.73m24.911.435.211.390.0610.374
Cua/CCr (%)5.211.325.341.390.4000.199
Exua, mg/h27.789.5128.237.800.6370.356
  • SUA and SCr were measured by an enzymatic method. SUA: Serum uric acid value; SCr: serum creatinine value; CCr: creatinine clearance; Cua: uric acid clearance; Exua: urinary uric acid excretion per hour.

  • * Significant.