Table 1.

Crude and adjusted risk ratios (RR) for new-onset arterial thromboembolic events in persons with inflammatory myopathies.

Cases, n = 80Controls, n = 331CrudeAdjusted*
Percent ExposedRRRR95% CI
Medication exposure
  Glucocorticosteroids68.869., 3.4
  NSAID35., 2.4
  COX-2 inhibitors7., 4.6
  Immunomodulators30., 1.0
    Methotrexate15., 2.3
    Azathioprine11.322., 0.8
    Antimalarial agents5., 1.5
    Cyclophosphamide1., 1.2
  Hypertension66.346., 5.5
  Lipid disorders18.816., 6.5
  Diabetes mellitus23.817., 3.0
  Non-atherosclerotic heart disease (CHF and valve disease)47.512., 15.2
  Obesity6., 4.7
  Cancer42.535., 3.4
  Interstitial lung disease5., 2.3
  • * Multivariate analyses controlled for all covariates in the table, as well as whether the diagnosis of inflammatory myopathy was initially made in hospital or billing data, and history of coagulopathy and/or exposure to aspirin, warfarin, or low molecular weight heparin. CI: confidence interval; NSAID: nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs; COX-2 inhibitors: cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors; CHF: congestive heart failure.