Table 4.

Factors associated with current digital ulcers in a multivariate model. The association of predicted probabilities and observed responses (c criterion) for this model was 0.801.

EstimatorSEWald Chi-squarepOR95% CI
Age0.0140.0300.2100.651.0140.956, 1.075
Male0.7250.22810.1420.0014.2641.747, 10.409
Duration of SSc0.0350.0351.0040.321.0360.967, 1.110
Never smoker−0.0380.2010.0350.850.9280.423, 2.036
DLCO < 60% predicted0.8540.3545.8210.022.3471.174, 4.695
Rodnan score0.0520.01611.0220.00091.0531.022, 1.086
Age at first non-RP symptom−0.0520.0293.1680.080.9490.896, 1.005
  • DLCO: lung diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide; SE: standard error of the mean; OR: odds ratio; 95% CI: 2-sided 95% confidence interval of the mean; RP: Raynaud’s phenomenon.