Table 3.

Factors associated with prior or current digital ulcers in a multivariate model. The association of predicted probabilities and observed responses (c criterion) for this model was 0.691.

EstimatorSEWald Chi-squarepOR95% CI
Age−0.0040.0220.02580.870.9960.954; 1.041
Male0.4870.1529.9540.0022.6011.436; 4.710
Duration of SSc0.0430.0262.7930.091.0440.993; 1.098
Never smoker−0.1210.1111.2050.270.7840.508; 1.211
DLCO < 60% predicted0.3260.2282.0490.151.3850.886; 2.165
Rodnan score0.0340.01010.8960.0011.0351.014; 1.056
Age at first non-RP symptom−0.0170.0220.6340.4260.9830.942; 1.026
  • DLCO: lung diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide; SE: standard error of the mean; OR: odds ratio; 95% CI: 2-sided 95% confidence interval of the mean; RP: Raynaud’s phenomenon.