Table 4B.

Regression analysis of improvements in swollen and tender joint counts at Week 16.

MeasureTender Joint CountSwollen Joint Count
Regression Coefficient*pRegression Coefficient*p
Intercept–9.97NS–44.01< 0.0001
Treatment**–45.17< 0.0001–7.53NS
SAA6.99 × 10–40.0160.0018< 0.0001
  • * Treatment group was required to be in the final regression model. All biomarkers were included in the regression model, but only significant ones are displayed. Coefficients for measures not retained in the final model are not shown.

  • ** Placebo plus MTX or golimumab plus methotrexate. SAA: serum amyloid A; MMP-9; matrix metalloproteinase 9; NS: nonsignificant.