Table 3.

Comparison of biomarker changes in ACR50 responders and nonresponders.

BiomarkerTreatment GroupVisitACR50 Responders (n = 43) medianACR50 Nonresponders (n = 75) medianp
SAA, pg/mlCombined golimumab plus MTXBaseline value44,23727,947NS
Percent change at wk 16−67.1−44.1NS
Placebo plus MTXBaseline value48,84746,723NS
Percent change at wk 16−18.0−2.6NS
E-selectin, pg/mlCombined golimumab plus MTXBaseline value51,50446,129NS
Percent change at wk 16−36.6−19.0< 0.001
Placebo plus MTXBaseline value56,29135,116NS
Percent change at wk 16−13.23.4NS
CRP, mg/dlCombined golimumab plus MTXBaseline value1.91.4NS
Percent change at wk 1660.044.40.042
Placebo plus MTXBaseline value3.22.0NS
Percent change at wk 16−1.320.8NS
IL-18, pg/mlCombined golimumab plus MTXBaseline value12.711.4NS
Percent change at wk 16−11.4−7.0NS
Placebo plus MTXBaseline value15.211.9NS
Percent change at wk 163.4−9.1NS
MMP-9,Combined golimumab plus MTXBaseline value304,188278,280NS
Percent change at wk 16−32.4−24.1NS
Placebo plus MTXBaseline value178,248249,387NS
Percent change at wk 16−17.56.4NS
TIMP-1, pg/mlCombined golimumab plus MTXBaseline value248,852271,179NS
Percent change at wk 16−10.7−10.2NS
Placebo plus MTXBaseline value290,442308,858NS
Percent change at wk 168.74.0NS
  • ACR50: at least 50% improvement in American College of Rheumatology response criteria; CRP: C-reactive protein; IL-18: interleukin-18; MMP-9: matrix metalloproteinase 9; MTX: methotrexate; NS: not significant; SAA: serum amyloid A; TIMP-1: tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase 1.