Table 2.

Correlations between SF-36 PCS scores and sociodemographic and disease related variables.

CharacteristicCorrelation Coefficientp
Male (compared to female)0.1818
More than high school education vs high school or less0.0164
Disease duration0.02040.4785
Skin score−0.1326< 0.0001
Number of fibromyalgia tender points−0.1559< 0.0001
Fingertip to palm distance−0.1386< 0.0001
No. of fingertip ulcers−0.04510.1622
Shortness of breath−0.4102< 0.0001
No. of swollen joints−0.1578< 0.0001
No. of tender joints−0.2039< 0.0001
No. of gastrointestinal symptoms−0.2854< 0.0001