Table 6.

Multivariate regression coefficients for frequency of gout flare analysis focusing on additional increases in SUA above 6 mg/dl.

Independent VariableCoefficientChange in no. of Flares, %p
SUA level, mg/dl
  SUA level ≥ 6−0.285−24.80.163
  Each additional unit-increase when SUA ≥ 60.11311.9< 0.0001**
Index year
  Age at SUA index year−0.015−1.40.061
Prior comorbidities
  Renal impairment0.16417.80.084
  Rheumatoid arthritis0.68798.8< 0.001**
Deyo-Charlson comorbidity index0.0020.20.922
HMO indicator (vs non-HMO)0.14615.80.077
  • * Significant at 95% level;

  • ** significant at 99% level. HMO: health maintenance organization.