Table 7.

Health status after a median of 14.9 years and 22.8 years of disease duration in patients with juvenile PsA, patients with other JIA subtypes, and controls. Values are mean (95% confidence interval).

PsAOligo-or Polyarthritisp vs PsAERAp vs PsAControlsp vs PsA
Disability (HAQ)
  15 yrs after onset0.21 (0.06–0.36)0.27 (0.20–0.34)NS0.38 (0.23–0.53)NS
  23 yrs after onset0.37 (0.18–0.56)0.27 (0.20–0.34)NS0.31 (0.14–0.47)NS
  p for change over time0.033NSNS
Health status (SF-36)
  Physical summary score
    15 yrs after onset49.9 (46.1–53.7)50.4 (49.1–51.8)NS46.4 (42.5–50.3)NS54.5 (53.7–55.4)0.001
    23 yrs after onset46.3 (41.7–50.8)50.6 (49.0–52.2)0.04548.6 (44.6–52.6)NS
    p for change over time0.039NSNS
  Mental summary score
    15 yrs after onset52.6 (49.8–55.4)52.7 (51.4–54.0)NS51.2 (48.1–54.4)NS49.9 (48.7–51.0)NS
    23 yrs after onset51.6 (47.0–56.2)51.2 (49.5–52.8)NS47.3 (43.9–50.7)NS
  15 yrs after onset2.40 (1.91–2.90)2.26 (2.08–2.44)NS2.88 (2.47–3.30)NS2.04 (1.90–2.18)NS
  23 yrs after onset2.79 (2.26–3.31)2.27 (2.07–2.48)0.0502.85 (2.40–3.30)NS
  • N = 31 for PsA, n = 205 for oligo- or polyarthritis, and n = 55 for ERA at 15 years and n = 28 for PsA, n = 155 for JIA and n = 40 for ERA at 23 years followup. Controls were selected from the general population, matched for sex age and region for the total cohort of JIA patients.

  • * Likert scale, range 1 (no bodily pain) to 6 (very strong bodily pain). PsA: psoriatic arthritis, ERA: enthesitis-related arthritis, HAQ: Health Assessment Questionnaire, range 0 (no disability) to 3 (very severe disability); SF-36: Short Form-36 Health Survey; values < 50 indicate physical or mental health poorer than average. NS: not statistically significant.