Table 4.

Numbers of patients with juvenile PsA according to Vancouver and ILAR criteria and reason for exclusions.

Vancouver CriteriaVancouver PsAPsAOligoarthritisILAR CategoryUndifferentiated
Total no. of patients42312351
No. included under ILAR criteria3131
No. excluded under ILAR criteria112351
Reason for exclusion
  Psoriasis-like rash4121
  B27-positive male onset-age > 6 yrs33
  Psoriasis in 2nd-degree relative211
  Meets criteria for AS11
  Positive IgM rheumatoid factor11
  • * 5 patients excluded from PsA because they met inclusion criteria for ERA had psoriasis in patient or first-degree relative and thus met the criteria for more than one category. However, since they all had signs of spondyloarthropathy they were analyzed together with the ERA patients.