Table 5.

Categories in the component “Activities and Participation” identified after linking meaningful units reported during the focus interviews and their coverage (categories shown in italic) by AS-specific health status questionnaires.

ICF Chapters or SubchaptersConcepts linked to ICF CategoriesICF Categories Linked to the Concepts of Previous ColumnDFIBASFIRLDQHAQ-SASQoL BASDAI Patient Global for Pain
d130–d159: Basic learningAcquiring skillsd134
d160–d179: Applying knowledgeReading, solving problems, making decisionsd166, d175, d177
d2: General tasks and demandsCarrying out routined23001
Managing one’s activity level, handling stressd2303, d2401
d410–429: Changing and maintaining body positionSitting, standing, bending, standing up, prolonged standing or sittingd4100, d4101, d4103, d4104, d4105, d4106, d4150, d4153, d4154X (+ d4201)XX (+ d4109, d4201)X
d430–d449: Carrying, moving and handling objectsLifting, pushing, reaching, fine hand used4300, d4350, d440, d445, d4452, d4453XXXX
d450–d469: Walking and movingWalking, running, swimmingd450, d4501, d4552, d4554X (= d4551)X (= d4551)XX (= d4502 & d4551)X (= d460)
d470–d489: Moving around using transportationUsing private and public transportd470, d4701, d4702
Driving a card475, d4750, d4751X
d498–d499Mobility other, unspecifiedd498XXX
d5: self-careWashing oneselfd510
Caring for body parts (washing hair, caring for toenails)d5202, d5204XXX
Toileting, dressing, drinkingd530, d540, d5401, d5402, d5403, d560X (= d5400)XX (+ d5404)XX
Looking after one’s healthd570X (= d5709)
610–d629: Acquisition of necessitiesShoppingd6200X
d630–d649: Household tasksDoing housework, cleaningd640, d6402XXXX (= d6409)
d650–d669: Caring for household objects and assisting othersMaintaining objects, furnishing, taking care of animalsd650, d6501 d6505, d6506X (= d6509)X (= d6509)
Assisting othersd6601
d710–d729: General interpersonal interactionsAppreciation in relationshipsd7101, d7102, d7104X (= d710)
d730–d779: Particular interpersonal relationshipsRelationships with peers, partner, children, grandchildrend7600, d7601, d7603X (+ d7500)
d840–d895: Work and employmentSeeking and maintaining employmentd8450, d850 d8501XX
d9: Community, social, and civic lifeRecreation and hobbyd9100, d920 d9200, d9201X (= d9209)
  • For abbreviations, see Table 3.