Table 3.

Categories in the component “Body Functions” identified after linking meaningful units reported during the focus interviews and their coverage (categories shown in italic) by AS-specific health status questionnaires.

ICF Chapters or SubchaptersConceptsICF CategoriesDFIBASFIRLDQHAQ-SASQoLBASDAIPatient Global for Pain
b110–b139: Global mental functionsOptimismb1265
Energyb1300, b1302XX
Sleepb134, b1342XXX
b140–b189: Specific mental functionsSustaining attentionb1400
Judgment and problem-solvingb1645, b1646
b210–b229: Seeing and related functionsSeeing and sensations; eyesb210, 2153, b220
b230–b249: Hearing functionsHearing sounds too sharpb230
b280–b289: PainPain in neck, back, chest, limb, joints, abdomenb28010, b28011, b28012, b28012, b28013, b28014, b28015, b28016X (= b289)XXXX
b430–b439: Functions of the hematological and immunological systemsVulnerable to infections and allergiesb43501, b4351
b440–b449: Functions of the respiratory systemRespirationb4402X (& b450)X (= b450)
Exercise tolerance, fatigabilityb455, b4552
b510–b539: Functions related to digestive systemDiarrhea, weight loss, abdominal crampsb525, b5256, b530, b5352
b540–b559: Functions related to metabolism and endocrine systemFeeling too cold or too warmb550, b5500
b640–b680: Genital and reproductive functionsSexual interest and performanceb640
b710–b729: Functions of joints and bonesMobility of joints and bonesb7100, b7101, b720
b750–b789: Movement functionsMuscle cramps and muscle weaknessb755, b760X
Gait patternb770
  • ICF: International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health; DFI: Dougados Functional Index; BASFI: Bath AS Functional Index; RLDQ: revised Leeds Disability Questionnaire; HAQ-S: Health Assessment Questionnaire-Spondyloarthropathies; ASQoL: AS Quality of life instrument; BASDAI: Bath AS Disability Index.