Table 1.

List of outcome measures used in clinical trials.

PainVAS pain by paper, VAS pain by electronic diary, BPI total score, SF-36 bodily pain, FIQ pain item, BPI worst pain item, BPI least pain item, BPI average pain item, BPI pain right now item
FatigueMultidimensional fatigue inventory, Multidimensional assessment of fatigue, SF-36 vitality, FIQ tiredness
DepressionBeck Depression Inventory, Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression total score, HAMD Maier subscale, SF-36 mental component score, SF-36 mental health, HADS depression, FIQ depression
SleepMOS Sleep Scale indices I and II and all subscales, Jenkin’s sleep scale, Global sleep quality, FIQ restedness, HAMD sleep subscale, BPI interference with sleep item
Physical functionFIQ physical function, SF-36 physical function, SF-36 role physical, Sheehan disability total score, BPI interference with walking item, BPI interference with normal work item
Quality of life and multidimensional functionSF-36 mental and physical component scores, FIQ total score, EuroQol 5D
Patient global impression of changeLikert scale
TendernessTender point count, Pressure pain threshold measured by dolorimeter
DyscognitionMultiple abilities self-report questionnaire
AnxietyFIQ anxiety, HADS anxiety, HAMD anxiety/somatization subscale
StiffnessFIQ stiffness
  • VAS: visual analog scale; BPI: Brief Pain Inventory, SF-36: Short Form-36, FIQ: Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire, HAMD: Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, HADS: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.