Table 2.

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) brief core set for acute inflammatory arthritis.

ICF codeCategory DescriptionPotentially represented within proposed acute gout domains
b126Temperament and personality factorsX
b130Energy and drive functionsX
b134Sleep functionsX
b152Emotional functionsX
b280Sensation of painPain
b415Blood vessel functionsX
b430Haematological system functionsX
b435Immunological system functionsAcute phase marker
b440Respiration functionsX
b455Exercise tolerance functionsX
b710Mobility of joint functionsJoint impairment
b715Stability of joint functionsJoint impairment
b730Muscle power functionsX
b780Sensations related to muscles and movement functionsX
s220Structure of the eyeballX
s710Structure of the head and neck regionX
s720Structure of the shoulder regionJoint tenderness
s730Structure of the upper extremityJoint swelling, tenderness, erythema
s740Structure of the pelvic regionX
s750Structure of the lower extremityJoint swelling, tenderness, erythema
s760Structure of the trunkX
s770Additional musculoskeletal structures relating to movementX
s810Structure of areas of skinX
d230Carrying out a daily routineActivity limitations
d410Changing a basic body positionActivity limitations
d440Fine hand use (picking up, grasping)Activity limitations
d445Hand and arm useActivity limitations
d450WalkingActivity limitations
d510Washing oneselfActivity limitations
d530ToiletingActivity limitations
d540DressingActivity limitations
d550EatingActivity limitations
d845Acquiring, keeping and terminating a jobWork disability
e110Products or substances for personal consumptionX
e115Products and technology for personal use in daily livingX
e120Products and technology for personal indoor and outdoor mobilityX
e340Personal care providers and personal assistantsX
e355Health professionalsX
e410Individual attitudes of immediate family membersX
e580Health services, systems and policiesX