Table 4.

90-day mortality stratified by underlying type of joint (hip vs knee vs both) and type of arthroplasty (primary vs revision vs both)* for elective surgery and all-comers.

No. Studies**Overall (all studies) (%)Underlying Indication for Arthroplasty Elective (%)All-comers (%)
Hip arthroplasty2,126/236,104 (0.9)
  Primary hip2395/46,007 (0.86)744/100,058 (0.74)
  Revision hip††8327/15,229 (2.15)38/3785 (1.0)
  Primary and revision combined6884/73,750 (1.19)103/16,289 (0.63)
Knee arthroplasty2,432/393,540 (0.62)
  Primary knee8508/78,745 (0.65)1,921/313,586 (0.61)
  Revision knee††11/132 (0.76)
  Primary and revision combined13/1,209 (0.25)
  • * Since only a few studies provided numbers separately for knee and hip arthroplasty, the mortality rates may not reflect overall rates, these studies being a subset of all studies included.

  • ** One study could provide data for more than 1 group.

  • All-comers included studies where all patients were included and those in which there was no clear description of included patients.

  • †† Revision numbers were often a subset of the mortality for the entire sample, frequently with primary arthroplasty constituting a large majority of cohort and high proportion of all deaths.