Table 1.

Disease domains and associated outcome instruments for use within the OMERACT core set of outcome measures for ANCA-associated vasculitis. Bold print indicates instruments are validated for use in the OMERACT core set.

Disease activityBVAS, BVAS/WG, BVAS3Validated and used in trials
Damage assessmentVasculitis Damage IndexValidated for use in trials
Combined Damage AssessmentUnder study and in use in trials
End-stage renal diseaseValidated for use in trials
Patient-reported outcomeMedical Outcome Study Short-Form 36Validated and used in trials
Vasculitis disease-specific PRO instrumentUnder development
MortalityDeathValidated and used in trials
  • ANCA: antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies; BVAS: Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score; BVAS/WG: BVAS for Wegener’s granulomatosis; BVASv.3: BVAS version 3; PRO: patient-reported outcome.