Table 2.

Acute anterior uveitis in the year before the first TNF inhibitor and during 1 year of golimumab treatment.

Before the First TNFiDuring Golimumab TX95% CI
Observational years19393
  Years at risk for a new AAU289.890.4
No. patients with AAU72*
No. AAU attacks102
AAU attacks/100 years at risk311.12.2
Rate-ratio of new AAU (95% CI)0.2(0.04–0.91)
  • Values are reported as numbers, numbers per 100 patient years, and ratio with 95% CI.

  • * Nonsignificant reduction.

  • 1 The total no. patient-years observed during the study.

  • 2 The no. observational years minus the period that AAU was present.

  • 3 The no. AAU attacks per 100 patient-years at risk for new AAU. AAU: acute anterior uveitis; TNFi: tumor necrosis factor inhibitor; TX: treatment.