Table 3.

Renal remission following conventional therapy in LN at 24 months of treatment.

Renal Remission CriteriaType of Responsen (%)
Ordinal mALMSCR104 (59.1)
PR53 (30.1)
None19 (10.8)
Ordinal mBLISS-LNCR72 (40.9)
PR29 (16.5)
None75 (42.6)
Binary mALMS*Response109 (61.9)
None64 (36.4)
Binary mBLISS-LNResponse101 (57.4)
None75 (42.6)
  • * Three patients lacked sufficient data to be classified by binary mALMS criteria. LN: lupus nephritis; CR: complete remission; mALMS: modified Aspreva Lupus Management Study; mBLISS-LN: modified Belimumab International Lupus Nephritis Study; PR: partial remission.