Table 2.

Histological findings association in patients with LN with aPLN in the analyzed subgroups. Values are n unless otherwise specified.

VariablesaPL+ with Histological aPLN, Group 1, n = 43aPL– with Histological aPLN, Group 2, n = 45aPL– without Histological aPLN, Group 3, n = 119aPL+ without Histological aPLN, Group 4, n = 24Group 1 vs Group 2, p
Thrombotic microangiopathy126000.896
Chronic lesions3539000.699
Fibrous intimal hyperplasia3537000.852
Arterial fibrous or fibrocellular occlusion69000.451
Tubular thyroidization89000.868
Focal cortical atrophy22001.000
  • LN: lupus nephritis; aPL: antiphospholipid antibodies; aPLN: aPL-associated nephropathy.