Table 1.

Baseline characteristics and their associations with leptin concentrations in patients with rheumatoid arthritis who have a large traditional cardiovascular disease risk burden.

CharacteristicAssociation with Leptin Concentrations*
Partial Rp
AIMS depression score ≥ 432.1−0.2840.05
Lipid-lowering agents35.80.0730.6
Insulin sensitivity–altering drugs28.30.3320.02
Hormone replacement therapy§9.40.0390.8
Vitamin D supplementation7.50.0280.9
  • * Associations were assessed in mixed regression models adjusted for age, sex, and race2,3.

  • Includes statin or/and ezetimibe.

  • Comprises oral glucose lowering agents or/and insulin therapy.

  • § Estrogen with or without progesterone used for menopausal symptoms. AIMS: Arthritis Impact Measure Scales.