Table 5.

Least-squares means (95% CI) of numbers and total scores of tender points in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome by 4 major haplotype structures. Statistical package PHASE v2.1.1 was used to construct haplotype structures; missing data were excluded (n = 2).

Combined Allele*nNo. Tender PointsTotal Score of Tender Points
CCTT34713.9 (13.5–14.3)26.5 (25.1–28.0)
TTCT15714.5 (13.9–15.2)29.7 (27.6–31.9)
TTCA9313.7 (12.9–14.5)26.3 (23.5–29.2)
CCTA810.7 (7.9–13.5)17.3 (8.0–26.6)
  • * The combined alleles are in their physical order along the chromosome: rs841, rs752688, rs4411417, rs3783641.

  • Missing data were excluded from the analyses: for no. tender points, n = 34; for total score of tender points, n = 34.

  • †† p values from analysis of covariance adjusted for age and sex.