Table 1.

Characteristics of 18 studies comparing patient with trained assessor joint counts in rheumatoid arthritis.

SourceNo. of JointsNo. of PatientsNo. of AssessorsSame Joint Count?Blinding?
Text format
Mannequin format
  Prevoo2728141; 101NAY?
  Stucki2816 text; 38 mannequin55NANY
  Wong25Mannequin: 50 tender joints, 48 swollen joints; Text: 20 tender joints, 18 swollen joints60NAYY
  • Tender joint count only.

  • †† Computer report.

  • * Rapid Assessment of Disease Activity in Rheumatology (RADAR) groups hand knuckles, finger knuckles, toe knuckles. NA: not available.