Table 3.

Adverse events. Values are numbers of patients who developed (serious) adverse events.

Type of Adverse EventETN, n = 71ETN + MTX, n = 76p
Blood and lymphatic system disorders200.232
Cardiac disorders01 (1)1.000
Eye disorders121.000
Gastrointestinal disorders750.554
General disorders and administration site conditions1570.063
Hepatobiliary disorders150.211
Infections and infestations1921 (2)1.000
Injury, poisoning, procedural complications3 (2)5 (3)0.720
Metabolism and nutrition disorders121.000
Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders200.232
Neoplasms benign, malignant, unspecified01 (1)1.000
Nervous system disorders24 (1)0.682
Psychiatric disorders331.000
Renal and urinary disorders011.000
Reproductive system and breast disorders011.000
Respiratory, thoracic, mediastinal disorders320.673
Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders1150.112
Vascular disorders100.483
Serious adverse events270.168
  • ETN: etanercept; MTX: methotrexate.